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location for cdl files

in Postbuilder - in the "include other cdl file" option


does the cdl file have to be in the "$UGII_CAM_USER_DEF_EVENT_DIR/"

has anyone tried to put it somewhere else.  Like in the postprocessor dir in the installed machine folders?

It seams like I can paste this in the msg box


but how does NX know to use this cdl file.  Does it look in the post when you select the machine from the library?



Re: location for cdl files

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You can put the cdl in the post directory - I do. I just name it something other than the cdl (potentially) created by postbuilder (I assume you are talking about a manually created one.) The def file at the top has the cdl post paths.

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Re: location for cdl files

If you move the .cdl file to another folder you will need to modify the line in the configuration file that "points" to the location

for example


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Re: location for cdl files

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We run customized ude lists (cdl) that load with the machine. If no machine is loaded - the cdl in the user_def_events directory is used. We don't modify configuration to have a cdl determining the machine specific udes available. The library installed machines dir variable points to the post area.

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