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hello everyone, so i'm new to NX software and i'm trying to build and simulate a 2 axis lathe machine but i'm having so much trouble and errors popping one after the other, is there any guide that can help me? i've been looking for a while and all i could find is some guides and videos concerning 5 axis mill machines and mill-turn machines, nothing on 2 axis lathe machine that i know of, thanks in advance!


Re: machine tool builder

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I guess you watched the TechTip Videos?


Maybe it helps to look into the exisiting out of the box nc simulation samples e.g. sim11 or sim12 as 2axis lathe 




Maybe it is easier to reuse and adapt the existing kinematics instead of creating them from scratch. But this is up to you.



Re: machine tool builder


thanks Thomas for your reply, yes i watched those guides and they sure helped but not as much as i wanted since all of them are about milling machine, i asked for help in another topic hope i don't struggle with this one as much, thanks again!

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