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machining time




I want to get all machining time from the post but


I mean with the machining time, all cutting times (first cutting moves + cutting moves+  engage + etc.) + all rapid moves(return move+approach moves +etc.)


What should i do in NX and in Post builder?????


feeds and speeds.png

In the upper pic. , Do i need to fill all the blank areas???

And also,In the below pic; Do i need to fill the red circled area(Traversal Feed Rate)

Do i need to add any commands to post builder??? if the answer is "YES",How can i do it??

Can anyone help me , please????

feeds and speeds-1.png


Re: machining time


1) Read the global variable mom_machine_time inside tcl procedure of Post Builder on the event of Program End.
According help, it contains "The total machine time.  Includes cutting, non-cutting and other additional times such as tool change time."
2) Take into consideration, that it is estimated machine time and may differ from the real time on machine.

Re: machining time

There are mom variables for each operation so that you can determine total time, cutting time, and non-cutting time - like you see in the Operation Navigator. If you want to get more detailed, such as approach, engage, retract, departure, stepover, etc, then you would need to do that yourself. Basically, you need to sum mom_event_time for each motion type.

If you search, there are some examples here for outputing machine time, such as

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