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PLM World Member Creator

When milling the face of a part on lathe. where is the milling mcs csyc located at?  use same a lathe or is mcz parallel with lathe z likea  typical m-c machine? 


Re: mill/turn

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Machines I've seen, I can use the same MCS for the milling & turning  MCS Z is the same way for both.(along turning spindle centerline)

Note it has  to be an MCS created from the "turning" part template (not from a milling template file)

If you want some of the "milling only" stuff (avoidance, clearance, etc.) create a subsidiary one that is that stuff only.

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Re: mill/turn

I would look at this sample:

Help > Manufacturing Tutorials > Open a sample part > cam_sample_mill_turn


To create a new setup, look at:

File New > Manufacturing > Mill Turn Express


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