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mom_attr_PART_<name> variable



this is a two part question.


I am wrigting a post, and while debuggin the output using the Review Tool, I noticed that there is an event called MOM_part_attributes that is called at the very beginning. There are a couple of variables of the form mom_attr_PART_<name> ( similar to the mom_attr_PROGRAMVIEW_<name> variables). I've been trying to figure out where these attributes are declared, but no luck. my question is:


1 -- where are these PART attributes declared?

2 -- can I declare more attributes attached to the part?


I want to declare somewhere globally the part number, dash number and revision level, so that it gets printed in the programs, without having to type it in over and over as attributes of each program. I hope i'm explaining it clearly.




Re: mom_attr_PART_<name> variable

You can set PART attributes under File->Properties.  An example is shown below.


For example if a part attribute is called "DB_PART_REV" and its value is "E", "$mom_attr_PART_DB_PART_REV" will produce the oputput "E".


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Re: mom_attr_PART_<name> variable

Outstanding! I just did a test and it works like a charm. Now I can set part information in one place, and it will show up in every nc program.



Re: mom_attr_PART_<name> variable



if you go to Program Order View, and rigth click on NC_PROGRAM -> Properties, you can attach attributes there too. Are those attributes at all visible to the post? somehow this seems like a more logical place for attaching NC attributes.



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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: mom_attr_PART_<name> variable

Attributes attached to groups & operations are available too.

Look in the "NX Post" docs under CAM - very last thing listed (in NX9) is MOM_attributes


Work same as parts, only the prefix changes.


Only thing to check - NX7.5 has a bug that *part* attributes are NOT available when posting from sync manager.  If you use sync manager, (and are later than NX7.5) test to make sure they fixed this.

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