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mom_variables from next operation


I am looking for ideas on how to pull mom_variables from the next operation, for use in the End of Path of the current operation.


Re: mom_variables from next operation

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Which exactly variable for next operation do you need and why (what is your case)?


In general. there is no "simple" way to get this.


If you really need all of them, you can use MOM_run_postprocess, and use another postprocessor to save all needed mom_variables

I use this to create my tool list at beginning of NC file.

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Re: mom_variables from next operation


It is a pretty complicated situation to explain, so I'll try my best.


I have a machine with a vertical head, and a 90 deg head with 5 deg increments.


Because of the way the macros in the machine handle the 90 deg head, we have to have an MCS for every possible rotation of the 90 deg head.


So to handle the two heads and angle increments I made a UDE that defines which head is used and if it is the 90 deg head, the angle to be used also, for each MCS.


For the End of Path I created the attached custom command.


It works well with one exception, the situation where there is a head change from 90 deg head to vertical head.


Only one MCS can call the vertical head but multiple can call the 90 deg head with different angles for each one. Which is where my problem comes up. I can compare mom_oper_geom to mom_next_oper_geom to determine if there is a head change from the vertical to the 90 deg head, but because there can be multiple MCS's with different angles for the 90 deg head comparing the mom variables mentioned above does not guarantee a head change just because the geom name is different, it might only be an angle change. The command as it is right now works for the parts I've been programming but I cannot allow others to use with this flaw that could cause serious problems.


So if I could look to the next operation and see what the mom_duc_snk31i_head_type(UDE head variable) variable is defined as, then I would know definitely whether or not there is a head change all the problem would be fixed.


I'm not an expert at writing these commands, so I'm sure there are better ways of handling this and I'm open to any suggestions.


Hope that all makes sense!

Re: mom_variables from next operation

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If you look at sim16_mill_headchange you will see how Siemens likes to handle multiple heads.  The heads are pulled in from the device library and the post will see the heads & their kinematics and act accordingly.  You will still need to write custom code but maybe not so much from scratch.


mom_next_oper_has_head_change will look ahead to determine if the next op uses the same or different head.


Not sure if this is going along the line of your questions but hopefully it helps.  I use it regularly and all is good.


Good luck



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Re: mom_variables from next operation


I was in a hurry to get a post working for a handful of parts and didn't have time to make a machine and kinematics, it was simple movements so no simulation was necessary. And that is where the root of my problem lies. It seems that you cannot define a head without a machine loaded, so mom_next_oper_has_head_change was not available.


So I decided that the best way to move forward is to go back and get a working machine and kinematics, then proceed from there. It will more than likely go a lot smoother than having to make a ton of custom commands.


Thanks for the input.



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