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nx cam nc programming tutorial

where will get the sample files,to learn programming


Re: nx cam nc programming tutorial

Help > Manufacturing Tutorials > Open a sample Part


Are you learning programming, or learning NX CAM? 

I would suggest you at least go through the first few tutorials to get a feel for how NX organizes things, and the basic steps you need to take to program a part.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: nx cam nc programming tutorial

thanks  for yor reply

Re: nx cam nc programming tutorial

hi sir thanks for fast reply, i studied programming through online like u tube and books ,the things are ok in machining , but i dont know the programming approach which i am doing in acorrect path and the approach of component,whenever we do the program we will use cavity mill, z level profile , contour area for this enough to do the things,I worked only in 3 axis to do the program,I am  using  delcam power mill software ,I gone through the help file in unigraphics but that also same, I trying learn multi axis programming beacause lot of vaccancy in muliaxis programming  aerospace,i searched lot of books and cds to learn,but everything in chinees langauge,i want some exple files with set up sheet creationmtool librery creation,postprocessor customization like add and remove  Gcode and  M code INSTED OF editing,machine set ups, clamping techniqus,  machining strategies for avoid chattering,vibration,thin wall machining,tool selection,etc,pls suggest any tutorial book or cd available

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