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nx11 tube machining

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Valued Contributor


Again on tube finishing, because there is no clearance after or before engage retract my post now needs updating for zlevel ops also cavity,work around is to have the zlevel ops prior to tube...Not ideal..

Try and change engage lenght with not much success if you only want 5mm...



And more annoying is the port is not completly machined try minus in start position or extend drive cure and get processor error message, dont have modeling bundle so cant extend surface, back to cylinders and v/contour

Also getting processor error message when atempting to change cylindrical traversal...






Apart from removing faces from part how do we control engage length when working in restricted space on mc.

engage settings are limited??

It appears auto cylinder takes whole shape into account for traversal to other side of port.

Only doing one side and need to restict engage?

tube mc.PNG




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Re: nx11 tube machining

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Gears Phenom


probably this option works:


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