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points distribution on straight


we get a linear milling machine. The machinesupport say that our PP or programm (NX MP13)
is too imprecise.

The steering Heidenhain iTNC530 hsci need four decimal places ( changed in PP-OK).

But we need for example on a straight every 0,1mm a point as output. in the moment we got start and end only.

How can i change PP or Programm to a synchronous point distribution on a surface?

What happens in small circles then?




Re: points distribution on straight


Usually the "cut step" is the parameter that controls that.The problem is that in case of cutting along planar surfaces some controllers do not “like” having intermediate points. Therefore, some of our processors filter out all points but the ones at the edges. That means the you may not get the spacing required by cut step.
By default, the collinear filtering of grid points on planar surfaces is ON in Area Mill, Surface_Area and Streamline operations. To preserve the grid points on planar surfaces there is an envirobment variable you can set. Email me directly at and I can give you more details.




Re: points distribution on straight

You may be able to do this in the post. The attached was done a long time ago.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: points distribution on straight

Hello Mark,

i try it in my PP-run, it works!

All my moves are max 0,1mm long.


Unfortunately my rapid moves too.

Is there a way to make a different between

the cutting an non cutting moves?


I need the fine output only at the surface.



Hello Paul,


your solution with the variable works too.

I got only problems with the arc output in PP-run. 


which metode is better, i have to test on the milling machine.



FYI: we are working with small parts and tools only. (smallest cutter is 0,1mm)

Re: points distribution on straight

[ Edited ]


with the solution I gave you have no further control so maybe a reinement on the custom command would work.

If you look at the command code you can see $mom_motion_event == "linear_move". From your feedback it seems that linear_move as a motion event also includes rapids and engage/retract? so maybe add another test for feedrate, so if you have a different feedrates for cut,rapid, engagae and retract then you could easily filter out the motions. Or maybe there is another variable to cotrol which motions are processed by the custom command.

I found mom_motion_type so change the test to include

if {$mom_motion_type== "CUT"

if {$mom_motion_type== "FIRST_CUT"





Accepted by topic author CBN
‎05-09-2017 03:29 AM

Re: points distribution on straight


Im still testing the new tcl. command in PP from Mark,  reworked by Paul.


But it looks very good!!!


Thanks´ to all for helping me.

Re: points distribution on straight

dear sir


i found a question, when i choose the line out, it can satisfy, but lead in/out  also change the point, i don't need the lead in/out change,can you give me some suggestion?

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