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post processor does not recognize tools


Hello, I created a post processor for a Spinner TC600 Millturn with the 2-axis lathe post processor being the main post. However, when I try to run a turning simumlation in NX CAM with my 2-axis lathe PP, it doesn’t recognize the tool tip or the workpiece. The tools are mounted on tool holders (devices) which are connected with the turret. During simulation, it seems because the post can’t recognize the tool tip (or the tool as a whole), the turning simulation is done with the outer diameter surface of the turret, where the pockets for the devices are mounted (reference surface).
I hope someone can help me because I don’t really know where the error could come from. I’m guessing it may be from the use of the devices for holding the tools but it seems I’m wrong.


Thanks in advance for help Smiley Happy

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