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postbuilder incremental code

I have a new Mill/Turn with Fanuc control. To make an incremental move instead of G91 code it uses U for X, W  for Z and H for C axis for incremental motion. Athough I writen many posts, I'm not quite sure how to approach outputing this code. Any help?




Re: postbuilder incremental code

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An idea can be the use of conditional output.  You will use the same post, and changing only the address used according you necessity.

Righ click on the block and create a condition for output in a way or no.




Marco Silva
PG SU Brazil

Re: postbuilder incremental code

Another option might be...

Check in the post's .tcl file, see if you see lines like:

set mom_sys_leader(X)    "X"
set mom_sys_leader(Z)    "Z"

You could then add code before the linear move block to reset the leaders to "U" and "W" if in incremental mode (and back to X & Z if absolute).


Note you'll have to make sure the values also change to the incremental distance.

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