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postbuilder incremental code


I have a new Mill/Turn with Fanuc control. To make an incremental move instead of G91 code it uses U for X, W  for Z and H for C axis for incremental motion. Athough I writen many posts, I'm not quite sure how to approach outputing this code. Any help?




Re: postbuilder incremental code

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Siemens Pioneer


An idea can be the use of conditional output.  You will use the same post, and changing only the address used according you necessity.

Righ click on the block and create a condition for output in a way or no.




Marco Silva
PG SU Brazil

Re: postbuilder incremental code

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Another option might be...

Check in the post's .tcl file, see if you see lines like:

set mom_sys_leader(X)    "X"
set mom_sys_leader(Z)    "Z"

You could then add code before the linear move block to reset the leaders to "U" and "W" if in incremental mode (and back to X & Z if absolute).


Note you'll have to make sure the values also change to the incremental distance.

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