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"cut levels" within contour aera dir steep?


I wonder if there is any way that I can decide how deep or between which levels the "contour area dir steep" should go? Just like the cut levels work in "cavite mill".
Or if there is another toolpath that would give me the same result like the "contour area dir steep" but with the possibility to decide how deep it should go?

Could this be done with "Lower Limit Plane" inside the MCS? I have tried to use this option but haven't really understand what it does?


It will be possible to control the depth with some extra geometry or split my model but I trying to avoid the needs to create those extra step.



Re: "cut levels" within contour aera dir steep?

I think you are asking for what we call Zlevel containment.

The lower limit plane is the right idea, but it is not applied in surface contouring operations. From the documentation "Available for Cavity Milling and Face Milling operations."


If you want to use surface contouring,  I suggest limiting the cut area or selecting check geometry.


You could use zlevel profile - it will contour the cut area in levels. It can limit the depth with either the lower limit plane, or by using the bottom of the cut range just like cavity milling.


If you want to use a follow periphery pattern, another trick is to use zlevel profile, set the depth per cut very large, and turn on Cut between Levels. 



Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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