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"local return" feature in NX11 turning module


Looking for help with "local return". I can only get the spindle to reinitiate in G97 (RPM mode) spindle will not turn back on in G96 (SFM mode), also the coolant will not reinitiate with the spindle. Any ideas?  If this is not the place to ask this type of question please let me know.




Re: "local return" feature in NX11 turning module

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Gears Phenom


if you use some events in local return -  in PB put in them forcing of addreses you need reinitiate.

They can also reinitiate by themseves.

But anyway make sure that addresses are in moves (linear,rapid,circular) blocks. (!)




if you use spindle_off event - there should be outputed  M5 - status OFF.

But then in linear/rapid move is M3/4 - CLW/CCLW status and it is different - so modality is respected, so M3/4 will be outputed automatically.



If your M0 (stop event) stops the spindle - put custom command "MOM_force once M_spindle" into STOP event.

So in case M0 is outputed, M_spindle is under "pressure" to be outputed despites of modality. So you will see it in the next linear/rapid/circular move.

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