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ramping down in Z while milling a pocket


I'm having trouble finding the milling operation I want. I need to mill a pocket with vertical walls. I'd like to use a non-center cutting end mill so I can't plunge. I want to follow the countour of the pocket while ramping down in Z at a 2 degree angle. I've gotten close using a Ramp on Shape Engage move but I still have to set multiple cut levels and the tool retracts for each level. I can't do a direct move between levels because of part interference. Any suggestions?


Re: ramping down in Z while milling a pocket

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

In z-Level Profile you have the connection option of staggered ramp on part, which ramps from one level to the other.


If this is not what you want, you need to use one of the surface contouring operations, that offer a helical cut pattern, like streamline.

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Re: ramping down in Z while milling a pocket


Set cut levels to  "Only at range bottom"

Set engage  for closed area = ramp on shape

set all others engage = same as closed area

the tool will ramp on shape to the bottom of the pocket contouring the walls.


Can be done with planar mill too.




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