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step over error in contour operation

When I use contour operation step over is show in column is not same in the operation. And when I use shopdoc step over is not same in the operation . How to export stepover is true value in shopdoc.

Thank .

Re: step over error in contour operation

There was an issue with the operation navigator not updating stepover for some area milling operations: Please contact GTAC to see if this is what you are seeing.


To output stepover in shop docs, you need to understand that is is not just a variable.

At last count, we have 14 different stepover options in milling. First, you need to know what option (constant, scallop, etc), and then look for the variables approriate for that option. For example, if the value is 50, you need to know if it is 50 mm, or 50 passes, or 50 %Tool.


There is an ER to define the simplified display you see in the Operation Navigator column as a mom variable - you can ask GTAC to add your name to that.


Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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