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sub programs called from a main


can someone point me in the right direction.


I have a part with lets say 1000 round pockets.  I need to use a very small end mill.  So my path for one pocket ends up being 5000 lines of G code.  I have several parts with the same pocket shape.  I would like to program the pocket once as a sub and then call it from a main.  I figure I can make the main using a drill type cycle to output the center of the pocket and then call the sub.


So I think I have an idea to get this done.  Just wondering if anyone has done this and any words of wisdon.  thanks


Re: sub programs called from a main

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I think it is possible.

1. Make operation for one pocket.

2. Postprocess it to subprogramm. If you dont want to modify work offset for each pocket - use inkremental mode. Or - shift work offset for each pocket, it will be depends for Fanuc, Siemens or heid.

3. You right, create drilling operation for typical poits of pockets - center points or corner points. You no need drill, just point by point motions. 

4. Build simple postprocessor to output main programm - after each motion shift work offset ( for abs mode) and call subroutine.


Not so difficult....

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