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template_post.dat file paths

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

Looking at the OOTB template_post.dat file, all of the .tcl and .def (and .pui) files are in the same directory.  If I want to create sub folders within ...CAMresource\postprocessor, how would that be done?


Example, I want to create a subfolder for each postprocessor we use, so we can archive older versions within the subfolder, keeping the default postprocessor folder cleaner.





Will this work?

MILL_3_AXIS,${UGII_CAM_POST_DIR}\3-axis_mill mill3ax.tcl,${UGII_CAM_POST_DIR}\3-axis_mill mill3ax.def



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Re: template_post.dat file paths

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Solution Partner Phenom

I would do it this way:



 It should be just one line, something is wrong with "code" field display

Marek Pawlus, NCmatic

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Re: template_post.dat file paths

@Marek_Pawlus shows the correct syntax. 

You can see other examples if you look at the paths to ISV machine posts. For example, look at the .dat files in resource\library\machine\installed_machines\sim01_mill_3ax

Mark Rief
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Re: template_post.dat file paths

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Note if you "source" in user tcl files - some old versions of NX required the folder as well.

I *believe* newer versions of PB look for the file in several places, starting with the folder of the tcl file.

But I'd have to look to be sure

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Re: template_post.dat file paths

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Siemens Legend

Hello Dave,


Reading this post and your other one : Postprocessor file location

It seems you are already testing with subfolders in your postprocessor directory..

Please also read my response on the other thread, but all my assumptions there might be incorrect, based on what i read here now.



Gerrit Koelewijn

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