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tool path display color

Hey friends ,

i know , we can change tool path color from operations/options/edit display but 

Do you know  any customer default or preferences  to  set  tool paths special colors ? 

i want to change tool path colors in  all operations .





Re: tool path display color

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

The tool path colors are inherited from the method objects.

Stefan Pendl, Systemmanager CAx, HAIDLMAIR GmbH
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Development: VB.NET, Tcl/Tk    Testing: NX12.0

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Re: tool path display color


Here is a journal that I made to do just that, it also includes other settings. You can setup it up as a button. You will have to change the file extension from .txt to .vb


It handles most if not all operation types and also includes methods. Just open the file with notepad and you can modify it to suit what works for you.

Mike Diamond, CNC Programmer, Orizon Aerostructures Inc.

Production: NX10.0.3.5, Vericut 7.4.1, ICAM V21
Development: VB.NET, Tcl/Tk
Testing: NX11

Re: tool path display color

Thank you so much ,diamond 

Re: tool path display color

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

And if you want to set the Method view methods (rather than the operations), see attached.

rename to .VB

Ken Akerboom Sr CAx Systems Engr, Moog, Inc.
Production: NX10.0.3.5 MP5 + patch/TC11.2
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Re: tool path display color

Thanks @diamond3210 and @Ken_A for sharing these journals.

I always enjoy looking at how everyone adapts everyone esle's examples!

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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