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toolpath a raster image

Is it possible to have a toolpath run on an image the has been rastered onto a surface?


Re: toolpath a raster image

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Good question.  I'd like to know myself.   Have you used Art in Mastercam?   



Re: toolpath a raster image

I'm not sure, open Jpg image, vectorize it and create the Engraving toolpath.

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Re: toolpath a raster image

Yes I have. I don't see the need to raster an image if it can't be toolpathed.

Re: toolpath a raster image

If you mean anything like PNG, JPG, TIF, etc., then no, there is no function to machine such things.

If you mean something else, you will have to describe in more details.

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Re: toolpath a raster image

There are programs that will "Emboss" an image

Some create toolpaths directly.

Others create 3D geometry usually faceted (STL)


I have used Blender to create embossed images, the input image needs to be formatted such that colour/grey shade maps to a height.


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Re: toolpath a raster image

Watch this video.

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