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toolpath projection in fixed axis op

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I am trying to learn how to project toolpath generated with planar mill onto part with fixed axis operation.

I cannot get toolpath i want. I know that parts like this should be milled with planar operations but like i wrote i would like to train on a very simple example


Please see images attached and PRT file. 

Accepted by topic author LBS_mfg
3 weeks ago

Re: toolpath projection in fixed axis op



I adjust the planar mill operation a little bit. Changes in the feedrate and in engage and retract moves.

Because there is an bug in NX you have to define an engage move. Otherwise the first motion is missed.


I create a new Fixed Contour Operation because your Op has some wrong adjustments. 

In the Fixed Contour Operation you can decide which motion (with different feedrates) are used to project.

I use only motions with feedrate 2000.





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