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why does post builder give me an extra line after my first move section

I have a first move with markers at beginning and end as shown.
 my Tk debug listing shows this as MOM_first move 39.

 N104( first move start )
 N108( first move end )

 however when I pick this event it also includes my 4th & 5th axis move as part of the first move 39 debug line?

 my next event is MOM_rapid_move 40, which is,

 this is my first move proc from post.

 proc MOM_first_move { } {
 global mom_feed_rate mom_feed_rate_per_rev mom_motion_type
 global mom_kin_max_fpm mom_motion_event
 MOM_force Once G_adjust Z H
 MOM_do_template tool_length_adjust
 catch {MOM_$mom_motion_event}

 this is the first move end proc

 proc PB_CMD_first_move_end { } {
 ## test message

 MOM_output_literal "( first move end )"


Thanks for any help.



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