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API Script to Hide or Show Entities

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

The attached Femap API .bas script allows you to hide (blank) or show (show only) the selected entities and optionally, their related entities (i.e., Curves, Points, Elements and Nodes on a Surface).


These API scripts work by creating and activating multiple Groups.


A second version of this script has a reorganized dialog box.


A third version, Hide and Show Entities - 3, uses the same dialog box layout as the -2 version and  adds a UserData object to the model to track the options selected in the dialog box.  When the Reset View option is selected, the dialog box is also reset to the defaults as shown below, and, the UserData object is deleted from the model database along with the three groups that are created when running this script.


You will need to strip off the ".txt" file extension in order to run or edit either of these scripts.






Best Regards,
Chip Fricke
Principal Applications Engineer - Femap Product Development