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Genetic Algorithm Example on Google Maps

Siemens Dreamer Siemens Dreamer
Siemens Dreamer

This model shows a usage of Genetic Algorithm to assign the various customers to the best available resources.

In addition a dialog object is implemented to simplify the usage.

Open the model, switch the speed to 33% and start the simulation.

The sequence and the assignment is not optimal.

After this initial state click on optimize.

Once optimization is finished reset and start the simulation run.

To use the result simply click in the dialog to the calculated route and it will open in Google Maps.


Please note that the intention of this model is to show optimization concept with a visual example that is easily understandable and not to optimize google maps routes in general.


Genetic Algorithm Example on Google Maps for Plant Simulation 10.1

Genetic Algorithm Example Google Maps


i am new in Plant Simulation (Logistic). i have to do a demo logistic case for a new customer.

can you guide me for this demo case?


thanks in advance,


Siemens Enthusiast Siemens Enthusiast
Siemens Enthusiast

Of course I can help you. What kind of guidance do you need beside of the description in the model?


Esteemed Permalink

can you offer me the instruction about how to creat this model step by step and the  description of the model?

I hope you can share them with us.

i appreciate your early reply about it sincerely.

best regards,