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LMS Amesim/STAR-CCM+ co-simulation: electric equipment bay of an aircraft

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2017-08-10 15_13_42-LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim _ STAR-CCM+ co-simulation_ electric equipment ….pngTo showcase of the co-simulation capabilities between LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim and STAR-CCM+, Siemens PLM Software presents this feature through a study of the thermal and airflow characteristics in an avionics equipment bay. 
The bay geometry is simplified, and the fluid flow within the bay is simulated in STAR-CCM+. The thermal characteristics of electronic cards (contained in their enclosures) are simulated in LMS Amesim, especially the heat generation due to the consumption of electrical power. 
The study demonstrates the advantages that can be had from co-simulating two powerful software packages, respectively specializing in the system simulation and CFD domains. 

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