Simcenter 3D API: Creep Curve Fitting App

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Utility Name

Creep Curve Fit App



Computation from test data of the Bailey-Norton creep law coefficients


Detailed Description

This App allows by means of a dedicated UI the user to:

  • select one test data file,
  • run the curve fitting tool in order to compute the 3 Bailey-Norton creep law coefficients,
  • plot the resulted curves against the test data points for quality checks,
  • update the material with the computed coefficients.


General Information

Compatible versions

Source code


Simcenter 3D 2019.1


Bailey-Norton, Creep law



Known Issues


Test Case

  1. Launch Simcenter 3D
  2. Open a .fem file
  3. Type Ctrl-u in order to browse and select curve_fit_app.dll in NX/application
  4. Enter the parameters (.csv test data file, …)





<-- Test data file (.csv)

<-- Format of test quantities

<-- Possibility to subtract the elastic strain



<-- Model coefficients initial guess






<-- Possibility to update the Nastran material





<-- Output file & folder selection






    5. Click on Compute Coefficients

    6. Model coefficients as a function of Temperature are shown in Information window




    7. Test data & resulting curve are displayed in Graph window





Easwaran Viswanathan

3D Customization team for updates