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Simcenter 3D API: Deform Part From Results

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Utility Name





This program modifies the geometry of the parent part to match the deformed shape of the finite element model.


This application automates a task that can be time consuming, namely the summation of an elemental result (strain or kinetic energy) on groups of elements.



Detailed Description

This program will display a dialog to allow the user to choose a displacement result from one of the solutions in the current simulation. They will also choose the desired outcome - deforming the part and/or exporting data files containing product and sprung point data.


Optional input is the specification of a scaling factor and the deformation box grid size for the global deformation operation.


The code will extract the coordinates of each node and the displacement at each node from the results file. The displacements are added to the coordinates to produce the deformed coordinates.



General Information

Compatible versions

Source code


Simcenter 3D 11


Geometry, deformed shape, fine element



Known Issues




Test Case

  1. Open the .sim file
  2. Load the parent prt file
  3. Launch the application (should be located in $UG_USER_DIR/application):
  4. File > Execute > NX Open > DeformPartFromResults.dll
  5. The main menu is shown
    Step 5.png
  6. Click on Apply. A new Polygon body is created with the chosen deformed shape and an Information window is shown with some program information.Step 6.png




Name: Jim Bernard



Great utility. 


Can you update your API for Simcenter 12?