Simcenter 3D API: Hyperelastic Curve Fitting App

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Utility Name

Hyperelastic Curve Fit App



Computation from test data of the Hyperelastic Material coefficients.


Detailed Description

This App allows by means of a dedicated UI the user to:

  • select one hyperelastic material model (either Noe-Hooke, Mooney-Rivlin, Polynomial, Ogden, Aruda-Boyce or Ogden Foam)
  • select test data file(s) (either uniaxial, equibiaxial, simple shear, pure shear or volumetric)
  • run the curve fitting tool in order to compute the model coefficients,
  • plot the resulted curves against the test data points for quality checks.


General Information

Compatible versions

Source code


Simcenter 3D 2019.1


Hyperelastic, Elastomer, Foam



Known Issues



Test Case

  1. Launch Simcenter 3D
  2. Type Ctrl-u in order to browse and select HyperElasticCurveFitUI.dll in NX/application
  3. Enter the parameters (choice of a Material Model, .csv test data file, …)




<-- Model selection



<-- Units


<-- Choice: either Distortion or Volumetric test




<-- Test data format


<-- Files & Initial value(s)

<-- Test data: .csv files












<-- Parameters for convergence








    4. Click on Compute Coefficients

    5. Model coefficients are shown in Information window




    6. Resulting curve vs test data are displayed in Graph window






Easwaran Viswanathan

3D Customization team for updates