Simcenter 3D API: MOS Utility Tools (V 2019.2)

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Utility Name

AeroUtilityTools (Version 2019.2) 



This program adds tools to improve multi edition and duplication of Margin Calculations and tools to connect Margin Solution to the program “simcenter 3D Design Space Exploration”


Detailed Description

Full documentation is provided through
User’ guides: in directory AeroUtilityTools\sourcecode\AeroTools\Doc

  • AeroToolsCalculationBrowserUserGuide.pdf
  • AeroToolsForDSEUserGuide.pdf

Movies of examples of user’s guide are provided in AeroUtilityTools\sourcecode\AeroTools\Doc\Movies


  • AeroUtilityTools_CalculationBrowser.mp4
  • AeroUtilityTools_ForDSE.mp4

General Information

Compatible versions

Source code


Simcenter  3D  2019.2


Aerostructure, Margin Solution, Margin Calculation, Reporting, Method Builder, Duplicate, MultiEdition, Heeds, 3D Design Space Exploration





1. Prerequisites
      a. Simcenter  3D 2019.2 is installed
      b. AeroComplementaryTools 2019.2 is installed (Available on GTAC / Simcenter 3D / Product updates / Simcenter 3D 2019.2 / AeroComplementaryTools)

      d. For Methods developed in C++ or compiled in C#       

  • NX-Open licenses for C# and C++
  •  Visual studio 2015


2. Installation
      a. Create a directory called "AeroUtilityTools"

     b. Download 

         - MarginOfSafety_AeroUtilityTools_2019.2.1_IDCard.pdf (Attached)

         - Request to, the zip file "". This file is too big for this site. It will be sent by Secure File Exchange.

     e. Unzip in the directory AeroUtilityTools.

3. To run Simcenter 3D Margin of Safety with AeroUtilityTools, use one of the
       a. Run directly on « .\AeroUtilityTools\sourcecode\StartAeroTools.cmd ».
           Note that environment variable UGII_BASE_DIR must be linked to the Simcenter 3D 2019.2 installation path.
       b. Add the path to the “sourcecode” directory, created after unzipping, in the UGII_USER_DIR environment variable; then start Simcenter 3D 2019.2 normally

Known Issues

Test Case

Test cases used in the documentation are available in the directory “.\AeroUtilityTools\testcase”


Name: Patrick Reginster