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Simulating flexible components with Process Simulate

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

This video created by @BernardHoessler demonstrates the use of Process Simulate Cables for simulating flexible components, in this case a ribbon cable.


(view in My Videos)

Mike Rouman
Senior Marketing Manager
Manufacturing Engineering Software
Siemens Digital Industries Software Inc.

Dear Mike & Bernard,

This video is really nice and what exactly i would like to work on.

I have tried the below way:

1. create a cable, attached to the motherborad.

2. create a object move for the outlet ,a flow operation.

3. Human hand place the outlet object with carry.

4. Human hand when placing ,cable follow the outlet.


It didnt work out, could you guide me to finish this simulation?

Any help is appreciated.


Best regards


Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @Parkman,


Bernard is no longer able to help as he has retired from Siemens. However, maybe @Christina_Cort can help us out here.


Such a loss, but wish Benerd could enjoy the retired life.


Dear Christina, could you help me on this? thank you!