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A modelling approach to HIRF (High-Intensity Radiated Field) in support toaircraft certification

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detroit event collateral.jpgThe information below was gathered from the 2018 Simcenter Conference - Americas that took place October 15-17 in Detroit, Michigan.




Author: Andrea Cantarutti, Head of CAE Business Unit


Among all the electromagnetic problems of interest for certification purposes the HIRF is certainly among the most challenging from the modeling point of view, by virtue of the large frequency band of interest(10 kHz - 40 GHz) and of all the physical phenomena connected , determined by the substantial complexity of the aircraft: electrical dimensions ranging from fractions to thousands of wavelengths, complex materials such as the latest generation of composites and nanomaterials, typically multi-scale geometries etc. On the other hand, the attitude of the Certification Authorities is proving increasingly available towards the acceptance of virtual testing as an integrative and sometimes even a substitutive method for physical testing in certification processes (also thanks to some recent initiatives of the aeronautical industry concerning the demonstration of the validity of modern modeling methods and the ever-increasing quality level of the algorithms and simulation tools). Considering that virtual testing is obviously also more suitable than a measurement-based approach to sustaining the entire design process (parametric analysis, what-if, optimization, etc.), the interest of CAE and PLM world for this topic is evident. This paper describes the family of electromagnetic modeling tools/procedures integrated into Simcenter, suitable to cover the entire HIRF problem as required by the applicable standards (e.g. RTCA/DO 160). The validity and effectiveness of the modeling approach are demonstrated with reference to measured data and use cases on industrial-level applications.