Aerospace Track: Team Velarde - Juan Velarde / Matt Milne

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The information below was gathered from the 2018 Simcenter Conference - Europe that took place December 3-5, Prague, Czech Republic.




Title: Team Velarde’s new wingman in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship


The margin between winning and losing in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship can be just fractions of a second. Join Red Bull Air Race pilot Juan Velarde and aerodynamicist Matt Milne for this exciting 25-minute presentation. Get a behind the scenes perspective on the collaboration between engineer and pilot required to create the best possible design and give the pilot the winning edge.

As the pilot, Juan provides us with the insider’s perspective of the speed, precision and skill required to compete in the fastest motorsport series on the planet. Matt then describes how FloEFD was used to optimise the aerodynamic design of the raceplane winglets in an effort to find those vital extra fractions of a second.