Automotive Track: CAE VALUE - Erik Wendeberg, Kim Bladh

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Title: Multi-Attribute Balancing in Automotive Development


Automotive development often requires numerous attributes in several disciplines to be considered. A small change in one area can have large and sometimes unintended effects on other characteristics. Finding the “right” balance in a more and more constrained development environment is not always a straightforward task.
When exploring design changes or new concepts, the ability to predict their effects on all key performance metrics is crucial. This is particularly important in early design phases, which is why system simulation (Simcenter Amesim) combined with design exploration (Simcenter HEEDS) presents a valuable solution for building knowledge. Identifying and visualizing trade-off situations early enables more informed decisions.
The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the value of performing multi-attribute balancing studies and gaining insight through the visualization capabilities in Simcenter HEEDS. The method is valid for many application areas, but will be exemplified on the design of a parallel hybrid vehicle.

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