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Title: Development of commercial diesel engine exhaust purification system using CAE


Recently, the development direction of diesel engine is demanding not only superior power and fuel efficiency but also performance improvement of exhaust purification system in order to cope with exhaust emission regulation which is continuously strengthened. As a result, the exhaust purification system is becoming bulky and complicated in structure, resulting in enormous development costs and time in the development stage. In order to overcome this problem, this study proposed the development guideline of commercial diesel exhaust purification system using analysis (Simcenter STAR-CCM+). The factors that determine the performance of the exhaust purification system were examined comprehensively such as location of HC injector and sensor, flow uniformity, etc. This is expected to maximize advantages such as early determination of vehicle layout and minimization of quality problems. In addition, it is thought that it is possible to obtain additional effects such as robust development of the system and cost reduction by examining various conditions in advance.

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