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Changan US R&D Center: V2V Platooning

Siemens Visionary Siemens Visionary
Siemens Visionary

The information below was gathered from the 2018 Simcenter Conference - Americas that took place October 15-17 in Detroit, Michigan.


Author: Radovan Miucic, Technical Specialist and Team Lead


V2X has the potential to increase the safety of the manually-driven vehicles as well as improve the perception of the autonomous vehicles. Platooning is the ability to link two or more vehicles traveling on the same road, direction, and lane. A lead vehicle is a manually driven vehicle that leads the platoon of vehicles. In our implementation, the lead vehicle sends frequently current position from which followers build the path history. Follower vehicles autonomously follow the path set by the lead vehicle with small headway gap between them. We implemented platooning proof of concept using V2V/DSRC and vehicle controls. Our concept development started in simulation (PreScan). After simulating our idea, we moved the development to our Changan vehicles.