Corrdesa: Using CCM+ to Model Electrochemical Processess and Guide Material Choice in Aerospace and Automotive Systems

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The information below was gathered from the 2018 Simcenter Conference - Americas that took place October 15-17 in Detroit, Michigan.




Author: Alan Rose, CEO


The NACE 2016 IMPACT study estimates the global cost of corrosion to be $2.5 trillion which is equivalent to 3.4% of the global gross domestic product (2013). It is estimated that savings of 15%-35% of this cost could be realized by implementing corrosion control and better design practices. From teardown inspections it has been found that more than 80% of aircraft structural failures are initiated from corrosion pits, many of which result from unintended galvanic interactions between a spectrum of materials ranging from modern light alloys, traditional, sacrificial surface coatings, and carbon fiber composites. Many design guidelines and standards (such as MIL-STD-889) do not effectively treat the kinetics of corrosion and furthermore, simply do not have the data available on modern materials. As a result of a US Navy R&D project, Corrdesa has developed protocols for characterizing such materials data and has created an electrochemical database. In this presentation, we will demonstrate how CCM+ is being used to perform corrosion simulations on complex aerospace systems.