Design Automation Associates: Digital Thread for Simulation and Test

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The information below was gathered from the 2018 Simcenter Conference - Americas that took place October 15-17 in Detroit, Michigan.






Author: Sean Sullivan, Chief Technology Officer


The ATC Catalyst (Automated Test Correlation) is a unique solution utilizing the Digital Thread within Simcenter 3D and Teamcenter Verification Management.  ATC delivers organization level efficiencies beyond those that individual groups can achieve on their own.  ATC achieves this by leveraging NX, Simcenter 3D, Teamcenter, and  Simcenter TestLab to enable cross-functional individuals to specify, communicate and share information seamlessly.  Traceability is achieved starting from Program Requirements; through Design & Analysis to Test Engineering and Test Execution and back.   The complete Digital Thread allows simulation and test results to be automatically compared with 100% traceability of all information and revisions.  Find out how this can help decrease cycle times and errors while speeding up all aspects of the analysis & test process to support Requirements compliance.