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FS16 SDA-6: Load Spreading Using the Data Surface

by Community Manager Community Manager on ‎01-23-2017 07:23 PM

Load Spreading Using the Data Surface demonstrated by Alex Skavdahl, Stress Analyst at SDA.



by Pioneer
4 weeks ago



Thank you for the presentation, i helped me to understand the data surface, 

But i am facing some issue in the getting the force summary.


I am having a conical surface where i am applying the 3D pressure data got from CFD software where the force summery is Fx=1000 N, Fy = 1000 N and Fz = 2000 N approximately.

after applying the pressure on to the geometry and interpolating, when i check the force summery i am getting result like Fx=17000 N Fy= 1000n and Fz =2000N 

i have checked the coordinates and the contour plot of both CFD and the Interpolated result out put it is matching in Pressure domain

 whenever it is converting to force this problem is there plz clarify.