HE & IM Track: SIEMENS CT - Theo Papadopoulos

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Title: Automated workflow for thermal evaluation in pre-development


Nowadays advanced simulations (CAE) are carried out by experts through the whole design process and development phase. However, the available number of the CFD experts is limited especially for the pre-development phase. The CFD experts have to investigate several scenarios which differ usually in only some parameters for example in velocity or temperature. Such processes are very time demanding and ending in a non-efficient R&D process. What if the CFD tasks could be “extended” to other members of the R&D process with minor effort? Thus, the effort for a preliminary investigation could be allocated amongst several number of the team and boost the design phase.  Such involvement of experts from other fields like CAD designers can be realized by applying predefined workflows which can be developed by a CFD expert and their use has to be intuitive.
This paper demonstrates an example of a workflow using Simcenter tools (NX, Simcenter STAR-CCM+, HEEDS) to realize this concept.  As case study electric motors are selected and more specific the design of the motor’s housing. Electric motors generate heat during their operation as a result of both electrical and mechanical losses. This emitted heat is essential to be removed in order to ensure the proper operation of the motor. The dissipation of the heat is achieved in most cases through conductive cooling (housing of the motor) and especial through the fins placed on the housing. Apart from their power electric motors may differ in the housing geometry (i.e. dimension, number of fins etc). Aim of the current work is to demonstrate a 3D parametric model (NX) that allows a CFD analysis (Simcenter STAR-CCM+) for different motors and the automated thermal evaluation of the several designs (HEEDS).

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