HE & IM Track: TASS, a Siemens Business - Robin Vandermaeden

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Title: TASS International - Virtual Occupant Model for automated driving safety


Maintaining and improving occupant safety in automated vehicles is a dynamic field of development within automotive engineering. The interaction of passive and active systems, and the possibilities this offers, is a complex field of study in which simulation is not just useful but essential. A vital aspect of this integration is ensuring that automated pre-crash actions do not injure the occupants or leave them more vulnerable in the event of a crash, and that passive restraint systems can take this into account and even mitigate the event.

To understand the effects of manoeuvring on occupant position, Siemens has developed an active human model (AHM) in Simcenter MADYMO, simulating the kinematics of a conscious human under moderate accelerations by attempting to maintain posture during manoeuvring. In order to validate the model’s behaviour, experimental data must be gathered for the response of human volunteers under a range of loading conditions. Load cases are defined by several parameters, principally the severity and nature of the anticipated vehicle manoeuvres; there are longitudinal-loading scenarios such as emergency braking, lateral-loading scenarios including turning and swerving manoeuvres, and combinations of the two.

This paper describes the usage of the active human model which is part of Simcenter Madymo and how this can affect the design of automated vehicles.

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