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Marine Track: Wärtsilä Netherlands B.V. - Norbert Bulten

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Title: Digital tools for multi-parameter / multi-objectives driven designs


The design process of marine propellers is basically a prototype business, where every design is tailored to the vessel design and operational profile. In the past the evaluation of the quality of such design was based on model scale experiments. During the last years a transition has been made from model scale testing to CFD simulations to determine the performance. This numerical route is much quicker and cheaper, which allows for more design cycles in the process. Stricter regulations and customer demands require designs which are well balanced between the different design objectives. A seamless workflow has been established with a loose coupling of 3D NX-CAD with Simcenter star-ccm+ with its simulation assistant to run the simulations. Results have been validated with large amount of model scale data to confirm the robustness of the methods. The next step is the coupled approach where multi-variable geometries are defined to describe the propulsion component. This allows for optimization runs with Design Manager. Another benefit from the CFD simulations is the elimination of Reynolds scaling effects, which are more and more disputed nowadays.