Marine Track: Wärtsilä Netherlands B.V. - Norbert Bulten

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Title: Digital tools for system simulations of propulsion concepts & drivelines


Performance evaluation of a ship with propeller can be done with Simcenter Star-ccm+ CFD simulations, based on the Virtual Towing Tank approach. These simulations cover the quasi-steady approach for vessel sailing at constant RPM and ship speed. Actual operation shows large degree of dynamics, based on varying propeller pitch and RPM, or in case of a drill rig the large number of propulsion units on board. Knowledge and understanding of the interaction between the different components can be derived from a loose coupled approach of CFD performance data with system simulations in Simcenter Amesim. Good agreement of system simulations with available measurement data has been found for different example cases. With this modelling approach different dynamic operating scenarios can be evaluated where clear interaction between the different components of the system has been acknowledged.