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Automating Fibersim startup


I'm working on a project that's automating a process in NX, and the one step I can't work through is how to start Fibersim. Once it starts, it has scripts which run its own process automatically, so it's just a matter of launching the application.


It doesn't seem that it's possible to do this from a journal script, which is how I've developed the rest of the application (journalling -> NXOpen with C#), so I've been trying to send a F9 key to NX programatically, and failing with every attempt.


Is there a way to automate launching FiberSim from within NX? (NX 12.0.2, Fibersim 15.2.1)




Re: Automating Fibersim startup

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Hello Iain,


That is a difficult question to answer without knowing your specific installation environment and workflows.


I would recommend that you contact our support department to get into a more detailed discussion. You can contact them through the website or give them a call at the 800 number with your Sold-To ID ready. The specific phone number for your region and Sold-to ID can be found in the Help menu in Fibersim.

Re: Automating Fibersim startup


Thanks, I'll do that.