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Batch Rename ply ID's

Is there a fast way to rename multiple plies. For instance I create plies P001 through P010 In SEQ. A and a step value of 20. I discover I need to create a new ply which would be P011but it needs to be the first ply down. So I need to rename all the plies. I want P011 to become P001. Manually renaming is cumbersome and prone to error of course.


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‎01-23-2017 03:52 PM

Re: Batch Rename ply ID's

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Hi crazyhorse,


What you are looking for is called patterned input.  First you need to sort the ply list the way you want it.  In your example, either use the Composite Sequence Manager or manually resequence P011 such that it is the first ply in the stackup (lowest step value).  Then:

  1. Sort your ply list by step by clicking on the column heading
  2. Select all plies to be renamed (CTRL+A works)
  3. Modify them (right click > Modify)
  4. Double-check that the order is correct by reading the names in the title bar of Fibersim  - it should read P011, P001, etc.
  5. For Name, enter "P001,1" for the patterned input
    1. The text before the "," (P001) will be the name of the first object
    2. The number after the "," (1) will be the increment that will be applied to name subesequent objects
  6. Hit Enter and the name should go back to <Different> indicating that the renaming was done - the title bar should now reflect the correct names
  7. Hit Ok and you're done!

Patterned input also works for Step, so you can adjust all step values to a common increment when you are ready to release your part.

Re: Batch Rename ply ID's

Thank you that was helpful

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Re: Batch Rename ply ID's

is there a way to do patterned re-naming to follow an alphabetical pattern? I want a group of plies to follow a P010-A, P010-B, P010-C... pattern.

Accepted by JulianneBass (Community Manager)
‎07-10-2017 03:10 PM

Re: Batch Rename ply ID's

Absolutely.  Just use an @ instead of a numbered increment.  In your example, you'd put in "10-A,@".  For more information on patterned input, check out this article.

Re: Batch Rename ply ID's

If you use P#-A,@ where # is a ply number and A is your numeric designator then a comma and @ symbol this should accomplish your renaming.
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