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Error-Can't perform simulation on a multi-domain boundary

Dear all,


I am trying a wrap a ply of prepreg on the part shown in the picture. The part is a whole body. When I did the producibility simulation, I got the error "Can't perform simulation on a multi-domain boundary". Anyone has suggestion for solving this problem?



I would appreciate all the replies. Thanks!


Accepted by topic author Peng
‎03-16-2017 09:27 PM

Re: Error-Can't perform simulation on a multi-domain boundary

In order for Fibersim to run a producibilty simulation, it must be able to represent the ply in 2D, which is technically impossible with a wrapped ply without a start or end.  There are two ways to simulated such a ply, depending on whether you want an overlap or a butt-splice at the seam.



  1. Set up the ply with the two hoops for boundaries (as you've already done, according to the error message)
  2. On the Standard tab, check the "Wrapped" box
  3. Define the start and end curves, ensuring that each curve touches both boundaries
  4. Set the direction appropriately to ensure the overlap is in the desired region (there are two choices)
  5. Run producibility


  1. Create a seam curve in CAD at the desired start/end location that intersects the two hoop boundaries
  2. Create a second seam curve at a tiny offset from the first - .010" usually works
  3. Link both seam curves to the ply boundary in Fibersim - it is now a regular ply with a tiny gap
  4. Run producibility

Good luck!

Re: Error-Can't perform simulation on a multi-domain boundary

Hi Nathan,


Thank you very much for the answer. I believe the first option is only available in Fimber 15 while the version I am using is 14. The second method worked out. Problem solved.


Thanks again!

Re: Error-Can't perform simulation on a multi-domain boundary

Hi NathanKaufman,


I tried the butted method as you suggested. It works perfectly. I now would like to try the overlap method, however I found the "Wrapped" option is not available for the version before 2015. Is there another way to make it?




Peng Yu

Re: Error-Can't perform simulation on a multi-domain boundary

Unfortunately, the ability to simulate wrapped plies with an overlap was introduced in Fibersim 15.  It is not possible to do in a single piece prior to that release.  Prior to Fibersim 15, the recommendation was to define the ply as butted in 3D as you have already done, then manually modify the flat pattern to add the overlap (Fibersim will detect the modified flat pattern and use it for all exports).  Obviously this does not help with the 3D representation, but that's what enhancements are for. Smiley Happy