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FiberSim simulation of AFP of a barrel section


Hi all, new member here!

I've been using FiberSIM on and off since 2007, mostly pretty straight forward stuff, manual layup parts, created cut files, laser projection files etc.  Currently I'm using version 14.


We now have a ElectroImpact AFP machine, and we are starting to do a lot of different parts with it.  So far I've used FiberSIM to program multiple parts, simple flat like shapes.  But now I have to tackle a barrel section, i.e. a  large tube.


We have a head / tail stock that is holding a eight foot diameter, 18 feet long mandrel that we will use to layup multiple parts.


When I try to perform an Extended Producibility I get the "Cannot perform simulation on a multi-domain boundary."


I am able to perform the "Course Challenges", that passes.


I'm wondering if I'm doing this correctly?  I am unable to visualize the course on the tool.







Re: FiberSim simulation of AFP of a barrel section

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor
Hi John,

Welcome to the forum!

The multi-domain message indicates to me that there is a setup issue and unless you must run simulation you may be able to get away with having the issue.

The simulation in Fibersim is a great estimation if you are using parallel path in CGTech VCP. However, the steering strategy used in VCP will yield results for fiber orientation that is different than Fibersim simulations because they just don't have the same inputs, processes & algorithms.

If you do need to run simulation then I would suggest submitting contracting Siemems PLM support (GTAC) to help identify and resolve your setup issue because it cab be hard to diagnose without reviewing the part.
Leigh Hudson
twitter: @Composites_Pro