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Fibersim: Creating a Butt Joint


Hello Everyone,


So I'm having a bit of trouble creating a butt joint between two adjacent plies in Fibersim 15.1 for NX11. When I do a 3D cross section at the interface (yellow) between the plies it shows two plies layered on top of each other indicating a lap joint (double thickness), but when I do a 3D cross section in the middle of the ply it shows a single layer (red line). 

Fibersim_Problem.JPGFibersim "Bowl Shaped" part

My part is a bowl shape which may contribut to the difficulty. Based on the user guide it seems like theres a way to do it under the advanced tab using layers, zones, and zone transition. Could someone point be to more information on working with zones?


Thanks for your time in advance!


Re: Fibersim: Creating a Butt Joint

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Hi Frederikt,


Is the double-thickness shown on a cross section whose curve lies directly on the boundary between the two plies? Unfortunately, this is expected behavior since it is an ambiguous case - Fibersim could pick either one of them, both of them or none of them since all are coincident with the curve.  You should see the same behavior if you take a design station on the boundary.  Try taking a cross section with a curve that crosses the boundary rather than one that lies along it.  If you still see an overlap, then that's a bug.


One other note specific to revolved parts in NX.  Even though there is no edge in the surface, there is a parametric seam (where surface parameterization skips from 1 back to 0).  Fibersim sometimes has difficulty when crossing this seam.  Best practice is to use the Divide Face command to split the surface into two halves (still one sheet body) along the seam.  Typically for a revolve, the seam is the sketch plane.


Based on the use case in your picture, I don't think zones really apply here.

Re: Fibersim: Creating a Butt Joint




I appreciate the prompt response! Your solution worked, it appears that after I cut across the seam of the but joint the interface rendered properly.


I have been using the divide face command to maintain the integrity of the surface, but its nice to know the technical reasons for using this feature.


Thanks again, you saved me hours of trail and error.

Re: Fibersim: Creating a Butt Joint


I had same issue ! thank you for your help ! Smiley Indifferent