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Fibersim Defaults File

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Did you know that Fibersim has a Defaults file that can control the default values you see throughout Fibersim?


Fibersim_Defaults.xml File

Would you like to change the default values for exports such as Flat Pattern export or Laser Projection export to customize them for your specific machines? What about customizing the default naming schemes or settings such as the default rosette deviation angle? Most of the default values, numbers, selections and naming rules you see inside of Fibersim can be changed via the FibersSIM_Defaults.xml file found in the installation directory. This file can be moved to a different location using the FibersimConfig.xml file located in the top level installation folder.


How to Edit the Defaults File

Once you locate this file, we recommend using an XML editor to easily see the structure of the file. If you do not have one, a text editor such as WordPad would work as well. The general structure of the file is as such:





Structure of Defaults File

The file is grouped into general categories that correspond to sections within Fibersim such as Ply, Core, specific Laser Exports, etc. These groups are found between the “<ObjectDefault>“…. “</ObjectDefault>” opening and closing tags. Within these sections, the “<ObjectReference> element labels the section. For example, in Figure 1, that particular ObjectDefault is for the IGES Flat Pattern Export.

If you want to find the specific defaults available for a section of Fibersim, perform a search within the XMl file using these rules. After that, the specific defaults within that section are found between the <MemberDefault> elements, labeled via the <MemberReference> element and changed within the <Default> element. The comments found in the file (text between <!-- and -->) plus the text within “ObjectReference” can be used to find what member within that specific category in Fibersim this default is controlling. For example in Figure 1, the default value of the “Export Text” option in the IGES Flat Pattern Export is set to “No”. If you change this value to be “Yes”, the next time you start Fibersim (a restart of the CAD system and Fibersim will be required to see any changes), you will see the default option changed to yes in the export.


Asking for Help

If there are any defaults that do not appear in this file and you want to change them in Fibersim, please contact Siemens GTAC support team for help adding additional default options to this file. Hopefully now you are more comfortable customizing your Fibersim software to better suit your needs!