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Optimized fiber angle propagation


Hi all,


I have a question regarding our research in an advanced composite center. Recently, we developed a method which gives us the optmized smooth continuous fiber angle distribution for the plate with hole. Now, I want to have these fibers connected together to have a conttinuous lines repesent fibers. The problem is we have angles for each triangular element in the center of that element and we have the center coordinates of them. Does anybody have any idea how can we set up the lines?

Does fibersim have any options for this case?




Re: Optimized fiber angle propagation

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Hello Torkan,

If I not mistaken, it appears that you are talking about an optimization simulation to calculate the optimal angles on this plate with holes as you describe it. Fibersim's simulation is a manufacturing simulation that accounts for the constraints and process during manufacturing. Often with any type of curvature, the optimized angles and actual angles that can be achieved during manufacturing conflict. When this happens, decisions have to be made on how to reconcile the differences. The options are either change the part geometry, material, manufacturing process or performance requirements. 


To directly answer your question Fibersim offers a curve creation utility to create curves from Fibersim's simulation. However, it cannot use an input of another angle distribution to create a curve. Perhaps you could use Fibersim to simulate this part to see how close to reality your optimization is and if it is close (the flatter the plate the closer to optimized it will be) then you could use Fibersim's curve creation utilities to help you.