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Zone Based Example

Hey Folks


Does anyone have an example of creating zones and transition zones in Fibersim? Preferably in the NX interface.


I'm trying to a couple of ply build ups that are two square areas within a larger surface.





Re: Zone Based Example

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor
In Fibersim:
1) create a laminate
2) create a rosette
3) create 2 laminate specifications, make sure there is some commonality between the materials and orientations used in each
4) create a single offset specification
5) create 2 zones and apply the desires laminate specification to each one
6) goto zone to layer analysis, a global stagger profile (default cross section of the drop off) and ensure that your single offset specification is selected
7) run zone to layer which will then produce the layers you are looking for

This should produce a simple 2 zone laminate with its layers.
Leigh Hudson
twitter: @Composites_Pro

Re: Zone Based Example

Thanks Leigh


I was getting confused over the Laminate Specification step. Turns out that's what defines stacking sequence in the zone so you have to define that exactly. Although I'm not sure how that works after you move layers around in the sequence manager, but maybe that's just not associative.


I'll definitely hit you up with more as I go!

Re: Zone Based Example

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Hi Henry, here is a quick (but not thorough response): There are actually multiple ways of setting up your stacking order.

  • If you already know what you want your stacking order to be, you can go ahead and define it by assigning a step value to the material specs inside of the laminate spec. This way, each layer is already defined with a step value. The easiest way is to create the thickest laminate spec first. Then, use “create based on” to create your next laminate spec and just remove the layers that you do not want to make it a thinner laminate spec.
  • You can also make your laminate specs without defining step values. In this case, Fibersim will just throw everything into a pile and you will have to adjust your stacking order later using something like the sequence manager, step utility, or even manually modifying the layer steps.

I hope this helps!


Re: Zone Based Example

Yeah cool thanks Crafty