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When exporting laser projection files for assy guidance with parts that have multiple laminates. Do the laminates have to be linked as parent and child to create a single laser program? It seems if not I have to create a separate program for each laminate. Is there a way to turn this off?


Re: export laser projection

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Laser projection will allow selection of all children of the selected laminate.  The most common way to export plies with mulitple laminates is to have them linked (e.g. in a core panel the overcore laminate would be linked to the OML laminate).  This is also beneficial in other areas such as 3D Cross Sections.  Another option is to have a top-level collector laminate and parent all other laminates to it.  You can think of the collector laminate as the assembly and the child laminates as the parts.

Re: export laser projection


Hi Crazyhorse,

One other thing to be careful of if creating separate laser projection files for each laminate, is whether or not your laminates use separate surfaces that represent the underlying structure (e.g. undercore and overcore surfaces) or share a common lay-up surface.  The former case is usually fine, but the latter may cause some issues.

We sometimes use multiple laminates on a single layup surface to simplify the design process - e.g. they may represent different material groupings, or be used to model complex changes in ply drop-off geometry that can be difficult to handle within a single laminate.  In this situation, if laser files are generated for each stand-alone laminate, Fibersim (at least the version we use), will treat each projection as starting from the original layup surface and will not take any underlying plies into account. 

For this type of design, linking them through a parent-child relationship, or under a collector laminate (with appropriate sequence-step values), proved to be the only way to generate accurate laser projections.



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That's a good point. I have couple parts that I should probably review.
Thank you.

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